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Frequetly  Asked Questionsi


Need help in the buying process?

Do you have questions on products, sizes, prices or other?


That's why we created this section, where you will find some of the most frequently asked questions!


Can not find the answer to your question?


Contact us at 06.83511509 or by email you can fill out the contact form!



Information about your account


What will I find in the "My Account"?


• How do I change my email address?


• Why is my username to my e-mail?


• Why am I not receiving the Order Confirmations, Promotions and reminder messages?


• What is the "Order History" and what information does it contain?


• What is the "State of Delivery" which I find in the "Order History"


• How does your website to recognize me when I come back to your site?


• I have lost / I do not remember the password. Can I recover it?


I do not want to receive any more promotional newsletter, how can I do?



Order and Purchase


How do I order?


Do you deliver in one day?


• What are the delivery times?


E 'can be delivered at a certain time?


What are the "Formats product" and how does it differ?


E 'possible to make orders with destination than Italy?


Can I order by telephone or by e-mail?


• How do I add, delete or change an order?


• How will my order?


How often should I order?


How do I use the "Search" function on the site?


How do I effetture LOG-IN and LOG-OUT?


• How do I use the codes?


• Can I use the codes more than once?





How do I order?


Make a purchase on our website today! Visit the page; Select the country of destination to view available products and related costs; Choose the product that you want to send one of our many proposals; will guide you through the buying process by asking all the information necessary for the execution of your order .. remember, all fields marked with a * are mandatory and must be filled in correctly! Once you have compiled all the data, you can select your preferred mode of payment.


Do you deliver in one day? is usually able to guarantee delivery within 2/3 business hours upon receipt of your order and payment.


Carry out orders by phone or by e-mail? for safety reasons, is advising customers always make orders directly from our website, however you can place an order in our system through a process of back-office with Telephone Operator that provides a cost additional 2,00 Euro. Or by e-mail at ordini[at] no additional cost.


Do you accept orders for Sunday / Public Holidays?


Yes although many Local Florist perform the weekly closing on Sunday. For this reason, we need to inform us as to which Local Florist is open as close as possible to the location request .. accept orders with delivery scheduled on Sundays only until 12.00 midday on the Saturday before. In the event that there is the possibility to deliver your order during Sunday will be notified by our customer service and you can choose to cancel the order or move the delivery to the first available working day. In some special occasions, such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day our system will allow customers to place orders even on holidays. We can not ensure the fulfillment of orders with delivery scheduled for national holidays like Republic Day, Christmas, New Year, etc. ..


Can I place an order with delivery date today? works directly with Local Florist, your order will be sent to the florist nearest to the place of delivery as you required. For this reason, we accept orders for delivery request on the same day for almost all destinations. The time limit for requesting an order with same day delivery is usually set to 18:00 (UTC +1).


Why can not I complete my order?

We invite you to check that you have entered all the required data within our Purchase Form. The system usually red highlights in the fields missing / wrong. If you are unable to trace the error only from within your order, you can contact our customer service team who will guide you in the purchase process.

And 'possible to place orders with destination than Italy?

With you can send your posts floral all over the world! You can select the country of destination directly on our Home Page or on the detail page of the product, to see all the latest prices.



The delivered product is exactly as pictured?


Each of our local florist is characterized by its creativity and a personal experience. The products displayed in our catalog are made by highly skilled professionals and subsequently photographed for illustrative purposes only. As you can imagine, it is difficult to ensure that all our Local florists can reproduce exactly a product developed thanks to the creativity of an individual, so the product at the time of delivery may differ slightly in colors and shapes. However our Local Florist always try to follow as closely as possible to the products in the catalog always in season flowers, which in some countries may not be available at the delivery date.


What is the difference between the product size small / medium / large?


Each product in our catalog is represented by an image that matches the size "medium". Our customers can, however, decide to send a floral tribute with the same characteristics but a lower number of flowers (in the case of the size "small") or a larger amount (in the case of the format "great"). This option does not apply to products that provide a precise number of flowers .. If you're buying 24 red roses will be delivered .. 24 red roses, the format you choose will determine the height and quality!


The flowers are delivered with a vase?


Usually the vessel is not included in the price, unless otherwise specified in the description. In this case, the product will be packaged and delivered without vase .. but you can always add it using the menu on Gift Ideas.


The "Gift Ideas" delivered correspond to those in the catalog?


As you can see, the images in our catalog "Gift Ideas" do not contain any indication of a specific brand. Our Local Florist, deliver the Products in conjunction with the extra flowers and therefore quality and brand depends on what the shop has in stock

Can I buy a product that is not available?


In some cases it can happen that a product is not available, this depends on the seasonality of flowers. Should receive the message "Not available" in our catalog, the product can no longer be purchased online. However, it is possible that a particular product displayed as unavailable, can be purchased and ordered by contacting our Customer Service Department at least 3 days in advance of the delivery date.


Can I customize a product asking for changes? All products are developed, created and then photographed by professionals who work with our company. However, the customer who is interested in a certain product in our catalog, but wants to change the color (while not changing the quantity, quality and type of flowers) can do so by simply indicating your preference in the Notes to Delivery 'internal module ordine.Un product can never be changed in the color blue.




What are the opening days and times of delivery?


Each store can observe a different working time and a different closing day for weekly rest. Usually our Local Florist performing the closing day on Sunday or Monday and observe the following business hours: 09.00/13.00 - 16.00/20.00 in some locations on the day of closing and / or opening hours may differ during the holidays local patron saint. Also remember that you can not make deliveries in the country of destination if the Local Florist performing the closing day during National Holidays, New Year, Epiphany, Easter, Christmas, and other more festive occasions.


Where can I send flowers?


You can send flowers in all the countries listed in the page Serve Nations. Currently we are able to send flowers to over 100 countries around the world.


What happens if the person at the time of delivery is not at home?


Our local florists will contact the recipient of the product and arrange to return. For this reason it is important that the data entered on the order form are correct, especially your phone number. If the recipient is not available to the first telephone contact, the shop will be allowed to leave a note stating that the actual passage of the florist at the place of delivery.




How can I pay?


After selecting the product, and the format of your favorites, you will be guided in the process of order entry at the end of which you will find our methods of payment: Credit Card Bank Transfer Paypal account Reload our Post Pay Telephone Operator (by Credit Card)


We accept all credit cards?


We accept all major Credit Cards: Visa - Mastercard - Americanexpress and Prepaid Cards Mastercard - Visa eletronic - Postepay. Thanks to the payment system Paypal you can also use any type of paper accepted in the country of issue of the card (such as Maestro cards) even if you do not have an active Paypal account, using the "I do not have a Paypal account. Please note that due to the integration of security against fraud, the major credit card issuers such as Visa and Mastercard requested activation codes respectively called Visa & Mastercard Securecode Verified without which you can not complete the purchase . If you have forgotten your PIN please contact the issuer of your card. If you have problems with the payment of your order, please contact our customer service team who will help you in the payment process.


And 'safe to pay with my credit card on your site? has entrusted the delicate procedure of payment to specialists in the field, so after you have selected your preferred method of payment you will be redirected to pages that offer the highest level of SSL encryption to 128-bit encryption so you can make the payment in full confidentiality and the security that communication with our server are completely safe. fact does not receive any data for payment, but only its outcome!


When will I be charged for the purchase?


The purchase you will be charged at the time when the order is placed. To make the payment you will be redirected on the servers of Paypal, Banca Sella or IWBANK, thanks to which you will make the payment in a secure manner.


Changes / Cancellation


An order can be refunded?


You can place an order to be reimbursed if they exist reasonable grounds reduced administrative expenses amounted to 13.00.


How do I cancel an order?


You can cancel an order 36 hours before I go running after telephone contact at 0039 83,511,509 06 or by email to the mailbox ordini[at] For all orders canceled beyond the scheduled hours will not be charged. For all canceled orders will be deducted from the refund an amount of EUR 13,00 for administrative expenses.

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