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Sales Conditions

Customer Service always reserve a special attention to its customers where the customer has a position of privilege. To assist its clients and provide clarification , assistance or to receive complaints about products purchased through our online shop we have set the following "channels"

• Service orders via email

• Information by e-mail

• For any complaints

• For business inquiries and / or offers


• Go to our CONTACT page

• Communication at the phone number : + 39-06 83511509

• Communication via fax: 06.62206163

Information on the conditions of sale

Before you purchase a product in our website , you must read and understand the following points:

1. Prices

The prices in our catalog , include VAT and are subject to change at any time without notice.

2. Photo of Products Catalog

All products displayed in our catalog are made ??and packaged by our local florists just before the delivery with flowers Fresh and Quality . Each floral tribute (bouquet , bouquets, baskets flowering ) is the result of the expression and creativity of our florists . In some cases the final product may differ slightly from the one shown , this is due to the freedom of expression of the florist, from his personal creativity. Moreover, all our florists using fresh seasonal products subject to natural changes, in some cases of unavailability , in all of these , or at the destination because there is the availability of chosen flowers , florist in this case the executor is authorized to replace them with other as much as possible similar to the ones you want , and always value corresponding to the amount paid by the customer. For this reason, the images in our catalog are only for illustrative purposes , the same terms may be exchanged for the products in the catalog " Gift Ideas " Online . The pictures of products in the catalog refer always to the average composition of the product and do not include vases and other accessories, if not where specifically noted . In cases where the customer chooses a specific flower and this is an indispensable condition for the purposes of delivery, please contact our customer service before buying to be sure of the availability of the product , otherwise the customer tacitly accepts a possible replacement in case of need.

3. Data for delivery

It ' important for the purposes of delivery that are supplied correctly all the required data. In order compilation is required : Country of destination Province of destination City Destination Address (street, square , wide, etc . Etc . ) Number civic Cap ( ZIP code ) Name and Surname Telephone number recipient in the absence of one or a few missing or incorrectly transcribed assumes no liability for non-delivery and the order will be considered regularly carried out . Some examples of errors: wrong telephone number wrong name on the intercom does not exist assumes no liability for non-delivery in the absence of the recipient. In case of problems in the first delivery attempt is will try to contact the recipient that the customer but in case of unavailability of the same we do not assume any liability for non-delivery for which the order will be processed correctly . However, the floral tribute will be available to the recipient within 24 hours of delivery if they wish to collect it at our local florist. Will be considered regularly carried flower delivery if the consignee refuses to accept her for personal reasons. The florist is responsible in some cases can contact the recipient prior to going over this because maybe the destination is far away from the store sales or deliveries because the organization requires.

4. The Delivery Date and Time

All flowers will be delivered on the date indicated at the time of the order , with particular attention to the choice band " Morning / Afternoon ." The latter , however, are not binding but are an expression of a preference. If the choice is constrained timetable you can choose the " ABSOLUTE TIME " . The time is always imperative , however, during normal business hours of the store that typically range from 9 to 13 and from 15.30 to 19.30 . The exhaustive schedule is not valid on public holidays and for overseas orders.

5. Date and Time of Delivery section Funeral

For the products listed in the " FUNERAL " the delivery time will be respected at no additional cost to the buyer. informs customers that require the delivery of Gifts Funeral in hospitals or churches that delivery shall be deemed to be correctly executed when the product will be deposited within the church or staff present in hospitals . If may provide signed receipt relating to the delivery of gifts funeral shall in no way be accepted complaints and requests for reimbursement for non-delivery of the products. In reference to gifts for funeral occasions , informs customers that may not always be possible to deliver compositions , pillows or funeral wreaths at the destination . This is to comply not only with local customs, funeral occasions but also to allow the family of the missing person to understand and appreciate better the type of product delivered. A purely indicative and non-exhaustive inform customers for funeral occasions in foreign locations cushion the funeral could be replaced by the Crown or by the composition Funeral Funeral according to the recommendations of the Local Florist . Similarly for purely organizational reasons , because of the impossibility of bringing the message in full, or because it is not usual in the locality of destination , may not be affixed Funeral Bands containing the names and the text requested by the sender. The entire message will be reported in a ticket that will be delivered with the product.

6. Gifts additional gadgets

All additional gadgets are chosen from the best brands on the market at the time of delivery, if the requested item was nowhere to be found , it will automatically replace the selected gadget with a similar one for the same amount or more than the value of purchase. As a result of a case of force majeure, or because the place of execution does not exist the availability, type and quality of the gadgets required may not be available , in which case the florist executor is authorized to provide for the implementation of the flowers until they reach corresponding amount paid by the customer.

7.International deliveries

International executes orders in all countries . Orders for Europe should arrive by 11:00 am , and where possible we will make the delivery even in the same day when you place your order . Orders for the American continent must be received by 11:00 am , and where possible we will make the delivery even in the same day when you place your order . For deliveries to other continents (Asia - Oceania - Africa) orders must be received with 48-72 hours in advance of the delivery date due to the different time zones. Complaints on International orders are accepted if received within 48/72 hours, however do not hesitate to contact our call center for any information.

8.Place of delivery other than a private residence

If the place of delivery is different from a private home you need to consider : a. Office : you must specify in the notes to the working hours and if you require a specific time you should choose the option " ABSOLUTE TIME " , otherwise we will proceed to delivery in accordance with the choice made " Morning and / or Afternoon ." If the office is already closed the arrival of the florist, the delivery will be postponed to the next working day. b . Hospital: you must specify the name and surname of registration of the patient, the department and the room number if it was not in possession of such information will be essential to a telephone number of the person receiving the flowers and the delivery will be made by telephone arrangement with the recipient. c . Hotel : You must provide the name which is registered with the guest and the room number of the hotel. Normally we are not allowed access to the room of the recipient, but it is common practice to leave the reception and care of the staff will allow them to reach the person . , The stamp of the reception. d. For deliveries to be carried on board ships , residences resorts, nursing homes and rest , institutions, corporate complexes , restaurants , private clubs , public venues and entertainment , and generally in all places where it is not allowed to deliver the floral tribute directly to the recipient , but the gift must be left in the same delivery personnel , delivery shall be deemed duly completed with the signing by the staff themselves, of the receipt. Are not guaranteed deliveries Ports, Airports and campsites unless prior direct contact with our call center . and . In places other than residential private all deliveries will be made in compliance with the regulation and constraints of the facility where the recipient is located . You will not be required to refund the order if the delivery does not go to fruition for rules and constraints imposed by the structure itself.

9.Special events and local celebrations

During the holidays and other special occasions you may want to place orders a few days in advance to arrange a suitable service . The delivery time is not guaranteed, in principle, will do everything possible to meet the demand of the customer client, but the same time , even if given, will not be binding . Can not be made any request for a refund in the event of requests for specific time is not met, while considering that our team will do everything possible to meet the demand . Valentine's Day (14 February) : Our advice is to place your order at least 2/3 days in advance in any case, all orders received will be processed during the day. Instant messages warn customers about the possibility to accept orders at the last moment . International Women's Day (8 March) : Our advice is to place your order at least 2/3 days in advance in any case, all orders received will be processed within the day of ' March 8 . For orders received at the last minute delivery may occur the first business day following the date 08/03. Instant messages warn customers about the possibility to accept orders at the last moment . Mother's Day: Our advice is to place your order at least 2/3 days in advance for Mother's Day always occurs on Sundays and delivery in some locations could be brought forward to Saturday evening or postponed to Monday , in the case of particular locations . Instant messages warn customers about the possibility to accept orders at the last moment . Christmas and New Year : Our advice is to place your order at least 2/3 days prior to December 25 and January 1 in order to arrange for the delivery time , in any case, our staff will do everything to meet the date requested by contacting all the local florists opened for those holidays. If the chosen local florists were closed the order will be executed the next working day . Instant messages warn customers about the possibility to accept orders at the last moment . Local Festivals : In the case where the delivery date selected to coincide with a local festival in the city of destination , it may happen that our local florist are closed, and in this case the order will be executed on the next working day . In any case, our staff will do everything to respect the date of request by contacting florists neighboring countries.

10. Cancellation of order

The order is accepted by our system and automatically turned to the florist nearest , however, you can cancel an order before date of delivery calling the 0039-06-0683511509 telephone contact or email to the following email ordini[at] . The order will be refunded deducting the administrative expenses of € 18.00 . If the order has already been assigned to the local florist will no longer be possible to cancel the order. However engages with its customers to always find solutions , evaluating each request individually . Order Double All orders received in our call centers and are managed by different operators, in case you have placed an order you must notify promptly double by phone 0039-0683511509 or email ordini[at] and if it has not yet been handled , you can request reimbursement of one of the two orders. Otherwise, proceed to the delivery of both orders , without can be held responsible for the error.

11. Supplement Request

All prices on our online catalog are inclusive of VAT and valid for any location. However, in some cases, it may happen that the delivery is required in remote places and difficult to reach or temporarily unreachable for natural events , mountain retreats , seaside resorts in the winter months , to reach the islands by ferry or locality far away from population centers , etc. . etc. . In the cases listed , rare but possible , our customer service may require supplementation in order to successfully conclude the delivery. Our call center will notify the customer of the problem encountered , and if you do not agree to pay the fee which will vary depending on the destination , your order will be immediately refunded retaining only the administrative costs of € 13,00.

12. Cases in which is not liable

a. not be liable in the event of poor preservation of the flowers if delivery is delayed due to the unavailability of the recipient or the address supplied is not correct . is not liable for non-delivery due to adverse weather conditions such as to block the normal movement of the media , so that the delivery can be postponed for days , waiting for the same permit is not liable if it is shown the inability to deliver because the address incorrectly, or the number is wrong, or the name is not present on the telephones . not be held responsible if the recipient is not present at the address provided or the recipient does not answer the phone and the customer can not be reached or is unable to provide further information . in cases

c ) and d) the flowers and the gadgets will return to the local florist shop , and can be collected by the addressee within two business days. In case of a request for a new shipment by the buyer or consignee, this will be possible upon payment of the cost of a new delivery , as in commodity prices is understood only one attempt at delivery ;
in some cases , at the discretion of the florist , may be made more attempts .

13 . Complaints

In case of complaints they will be brought to the attention of via email complete with serial number, motivations and photographic documentation of the product received, no later than 2 days from the date of delivery. The photos must reproduce the floral tribute in an integral manner , as well as delivered and listing the reasons that gave rise to the complaint . The complaints received by telephone can not be handled by our customer service if not followed by an e-mail as previously stated, only in this case will evaluate the requests or complaints, and provide a timely response . Complaints on International orders are accepted if received within 48/72 hours, however do not hesitate to contact our call center for any information. does not accept complaints if the recipient refuses to receive the floral gift for his personal reasons. The delivery will be considered regularly carried out without any refund right.

14 . Processing of Data ( Privacy Law 675/ 96 and following ) always guaranteed the confidentiality of the personal data of its customers. The personal data included in our purchase form are necessary to us or to our partners for the delivery of goods and for order confirmation to the customer. Personal Information may also be used to make contact with the customer. Under no circumstances will be disclosed to third parties at the end of an order that requires payment by credit card, the data will be used solely and exclusively for the purposes required by the gateway of Banca Sella - Pay Pal - IWBank to allow the transaction of payment, nothing will be recorded or collected .

Protection of personal data

In the execution of this contract, is committed to full compliance with the existing legislation relating to privacy law 675/96 and following . The Customer expressly consents to the collection and use of data for purposes related to the execution of the order. Also note that in the event that is being provided consent, your data may also be processed in order to provide information by sending commercial e-mails about new products, initiatives, events , discounts, promotions or new product launches . Adherence to this treatment modality is optional. The Customer declares to be informed that the information provided with the consent of customers are included in the database

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